Acupuncture in the Olympics

What a great success the Olympics has been, with Team GB going strong and the nation captivated, a very exciting time. With athletes excelling in their chosen fields it seems many of us have found renewed enthusiasm for sport and are keen to get out there and have a go.

Also exciting to see acupuncture has played such a prominent part, with the Chinese Olympic team using acupuncture and all its related modalities to ensure performance fitness, as well as athletes from America, Japan, South Korea and our own Andy Murray.

Now with competition so great athletes are looking for what will give them that edge, what will make the difference between gold and silver. With this in mind they surround themselves with teams of experts, enabling them to perform to the best of their ability. It means that acupuncture is at last gaining the recognition it deserves as a remedy for sports related injuries and ailments as well as improved recovery.

Long used for the relief of chronic pain, acupuncture not only provides immediate first aid help for injuries, but can also accelerate the process of healing. With many athletes attributing some of there long time success to acupuncture in it’s management of injuries as well as prevention.

With acupuncture there’s also more! With it’s holistic approach It looks to treat the whole person and get to the root of the problem so can go beyond merely alleviating sports injury pain, with regular treatment it can also help improve performance and provide more energy. Which is what we’re all looking for in our own way and maybe for some of us it means a a trip to Rio in four years!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss if acupuncture could help you please call me and I’ll be happy to have a chat with you, or you can book a free consultation by emailing me.