Tai Chi

Flowing with Life offer weekly Tai Chi classes for beginners and advanced students at the Lam Rim Centre, Bedminster.

What is Tai Chi?

tai chi bristolTai Chi is an ancient form of exercise which originated in China and has been found to benefit health, promote natural strength and lead to a peaceful mind. In its pure form it is considered to be meditation, achieving harmony of body and spirit.

The tai chi form is a series of individual postures which link up and blend into a continuous flowing movement. The postures are simple and easy to learn and so, even at the beginning of the course, everyone can benefit from doing the practice.

Gradually through steady practice, co-ordination of mind and body improves and this in turn leads to increased relaxation and health, a perfect antidote to everyday stress.

Benefits of Tai Chi

  •   Deeper Relaxation
  •   Peace of Mind
  •   Reduced Stress
  •   Improved Health
  •   Better Balance
  •   Open Heart
  •   A deeper connection to self.

The Essence of Tai Chi

In todays hectic world where so much is expected of us, Tai Chi is an oasis of calm, a peaceful practice that offers many benefits and allows you the time to connect to yourself and relax deeply, finding a balance in your life which otherwise might elude you. Stepping outside with the birds singing, the sun shining and a gentle breeze blowing you can take some time to just move effortlessly, experiencing the continuous flowing movements of the form and letting go of any stresses and strains of daily life. A moment for you.

Learning Tai Chi in Bristol

What we offer is a simple and mindful approach to learning Tai Chi, which makes it accessible and beneficial for all. After learning the basic principles of Tai Chi, classes focus on the ‘internal’ practice of the short form and how to practice effortlessly and experience a deeper sense of stillness in yourself.

Beginners Courses

You will learn the basic and central principles of Tai Chi, through a series of preparation exercises and the Yang Short Form. We will look at relaxation, central alignment, body posture and explore the philosophy of Tai Chi.

Free Taster Sessions

Available throughout the year, please contact us for upcoming dates. It’s a great opportunity to try out Tai Chi and see what the classes can offer you.

Ongoing Classes





Monday 8-9.30pm Beginners and Advanced Lam Rim, Bedminster, Bristol
Wednesday 10-11am Beginners Bedminster Family Practice, Bristol
Wednesday 12-1pm Beginners and Advanced Shipham Village Hall, Somerset

Other Courses offered

  • Internal Short Form
  • Long Form
  • Sword Form
  • San Sou
  • Da Lu
  • Pushing Hands


6-week Tai Chi Courses generally cost between £30 and £42. There is also an option to pay as you go. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

One-to-one sessions

Cost £30 an hour. This is always a good thing to do alongside classes when it suits you, so that you can get the most out of your practice.

Small Group Sessions

Contact us if you would like to organise group sessions at work or with friends. We can also organise Tai Chi demonstrations and  talks on Tai Chi and it’s numerous benefits.

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